Upcoming Events

My Fabulous Farewell

Sponsored by CPMC Spiritual Care Department and Struggling in Good Faith

Thursday, October 27th 6-8 pm (open house format)

California Pacific Medical Center- Davies Campus (at Deboce and Castro)

The Gazebo Room (refreshments served)

The LGBTQI community’s relationship with death is “complicated”. Come be with your family of choice for an evening of morbidly fabulous or fabulously morbid stories of not only death, but life, and the challenges of living our truth right up to and through our life’s end.  We hope this will be the beginning of a conversation that celebrates our community’s contributions, challenges our assumptions, demands our inclusion, and grieves our exile. As peoples who have endured, we have stories to share, injustices to right, lives to honor and memorials to plan.  Together let us discover ways to celebrate the end of our lives with as much fierce bravery and wit as it takes to authentically live our lives.


Past Events 2016

  • Feb. 25, Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry
  • March 5, LGBTQ Conference Harvard University
  • April 3, 3pm BookBuyers, Mountain View, CA
  • May 19, 7pm Books Inc., San Francisco, CA

Past Events 2015 

  • Oct.8th,  Stanford for Jewish Queers and Queerituality student groups
  • Oct.21st, Harvard  Cambridge, MA
  • Nov.17th,  OFJCC Palo Alto, CA
  • Nov.19th  Bet Haverim Atlanta, GA
  • Dec.3rd Book Party at Stanford University